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  • Course’s name: Youtube short method
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  • Last Update: 2022

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In this guide I’ll show you the secret method that will allow you to monetize hundreds of YT shorts with zero efforts.

Included in this guide there are the results of over $1000 worth in tests, if you work with CPA I’m sure you know how easily you can waste money on different panels, softwares, proxies, youtube account.

You have two choises: you can run the same tests to discover the secret formula of YT Shorts , or you can follow the guide of someone who has been through it.

I’m here to teach all my errors and save hundreds of $$$. This guide is for you if:


You like passive and semi-passive income


You like to cheat the algorithms to make money


You like to test new ways to make money

Let’s go deep, this is what you’ll learn:


How to create 100+ YT Shorts in minutes


How to monetize them with CPA and other methods


How to avoid penalizations


How to save money in the entire process

I don’t want to urge you, but this is the perfect moment to use this method: youtube is extremely promoting YT shorts in everybody’s feed, now you can get the most of the value from this guide.

I included Two bonus guide, worth over $100:

⭐1) BONUS: How to grow a YT account with the shorts, and then sell it. You can start selling even in this forum YT accounts with 5000+ subscribers.

⭐2) BONUS: How to create accounts in bulks on youtube from scratch

Faq – Questions And Answer about this Guide:

  • Is this a step by step guide? Yes, I’ll help you set up the automatic method and I’ll also tell you about the manual method.
  • What offers can I promote? All the offers you want: Cpa, Amazon associates, Softwares, Flight, Crypto, Casino, etc …
  • Do I need to purchase additional programs or services? Yes, but only if you want. (Or you can use the manual method)
  • How much do i have to invest? All the costs are optional for the manual method but i highly suggest you to buy them or at least try. The costs are: 77$ for the software, variable for the proxies and yt accounts since it depends where you buy them. After you have bought the Guide, you will receive an Exclusive Coupon Code of 20$ OFF for the software, so you will pay the software from 77$ to 57$. (The software is from a third company it’s not mine and i’am not affiliated with them)
  • Can I ask for a refund? No, being a digital e-book once you have purchased it you will not be able to request a refund.
  • Does this method work on TikTok or Instragram Reels? I’ve only tested it on youtube shorts, so I can’t guarantee that it works on other social networks too.
  • Payment methods accepted? Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin



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